All About Kids’ Skin is a definitive reference guide for parents about the largest organ of the body, SKIN (including HAIR and NAILS). All About Kids’ Skin was written because there was no comprehensive and informative guide to skin that provided information on both healthy skin and how to look after it to maintain it in good condition as well as information on diseased skin and how you can identify and treat the condition.

An Introduction to All About Kids’ Skin:

From the day your baby is born, be prepared for a roller coaster ride of health concerns to do with the largest organ of the human body – SKIN.

On a regular basis, you will encounter and be challenged by different problems. Your baby may be born with a birthmark or mole, they may develop cradle cap, nappy rash, dribble rash…….. and all this in the first six months of life. In early childhood there may be red spots, itchy lumps, blisters, cuts, grazes and other rashes such as eczema on their skin. Adolescence may bring psoriasis, troublesome moles, stretch marks, excessive hair, and of course acne.

While many skin conditions resolve themselves or require only simple remedies, others will need a little bit more care and attention. Some unfortunately can present major problems both in the treatment of the condition and in the psychological effect that a widespread disfiguring skin problem brings.

As a parent or carer, and even professional, the correct identification and treatment of skin problems is as difficult as it is important due to the thousands of different rashes and blemishes that may affect the skin. All About Kids’ Skin aims to provide the most informative guide for Australian parents, providing you with information and confidence to help you understand your kids’ skin and all that can go wrong with it - from birth to adulthood; and from common ailments to medical emergencies.

Is “All About Kids’ Skin ” only about diseased skin?

All About Kids’ Skin is not only about treating problem skin: it also includes preventative advice on how to keep your child’s skin in perfect health. How to choose a soap or moisturiser for children? Which sunscreen is best and how should it be applied? Are sandpits safe? What about insect repellants and children? Is a natural product best? How to read a product label? This advice will help all children achieve what their parents often don’t have – good skin.

Who are the authors of “All About Kids’ Skin ”?

The authors of “All About Kids’ Skin” are highly qualified to write on the topic of children’s skin.

Phillip Artemi is a Sydney dermatologist and Tina Aspres is a pharmacist, but most importantly, they are also the parents of three young children. The book has been written from both a professional and parenting perspective. They hope “All About Kids’ Skin” will bridge the gap between complicated medical terminology and practical advice and become the definitive guide for parents.

About the authors:

Tina Aspres is a pharmacist and has worked both in retail pharmacy as well as in industry. Tina carries out research on skincare (personal care) products and also undertakes clinical research in areas of dermatology through her company Dermal Research Laboratories. She has also consulted for pharmaceutical companies in the area of acne and has published within the Pharmacy literature in the area of sun protection and skin cancer prevention. She is a member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia and the Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists.

Dr Phillip Artemi is a Dermatologist and Pharmacist. He has lectured extensively to Pharmacists and Doctors both locally and internationally, and published widely. He is currently Director of Training (NSW) for the Australasian College of Dermatologists. He has commented widely throughout the media and features on Sydney Radio 2GB (All About Skin – The Good life with Murray Wilton) from October to March .

The authors support a number of children’s charities, and part of the proceeds raised will be donated to:

Children’s Hospital Westmead
Children’s Hospital Randwick
Children’s Starlight Foundation

How is the book set out?

The book is easy to follow. The book is divided into three parts: SKIN, HAIR and NAILS. At the end of the book you will find a quick reference guide and ‘school exclusion guide’ to the most common (and some serious) skin conditions that most parents will confront.

Each condition has simple headings explaining the cause, signs and symptoms, treatment and/or preventative measures that may be taken. Accompanying illustrations in colour will help identify the most common skin problems you will confront as parents. Skin conditions are rarely medical emergencies, however there are times when one must seek medical advice and attention and this is highlighted within the book. Where relevant we have included frequently asked questions and answers that patients have asked of us over the years.

So, all aboard! Hold on tight! It’s a long journey getting to know all about your kid’s skin from childhood to adulthood.

(The above includes an extract from the Introduction in All About Kids’ Skin.)

Hope you enjoy the book and find it helpful.


This book is by no means intended as a substitute to seeking professional advice from your family doctor, dermatologist or pharmacist. It is best used as an adjunct to the treatment prescribed by your Doctor.

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